Dreams slowly flow
Ever changing everynow
It will grow it will grow…
My dreams will blossom as my gardeners prune
Be my gardener…  Prune my dreams…
My dreams shall entwine and climb
Like sweet gliding vine…
Be my light and feed my mind
  1. Streamlined government agencies.
  2. Trimmed redundant functioning agencies.
  3. Educated people.
  4. Nationalistic and Patriotic people.
  5. More vibrant economy. – Antonio M. Carranza Jr.
  6. No Graft and Corruption.
  7. Food for all (to be earned.  not free)
  8. Good sports facility

2 Responses

  1. 5. more vibrant economy.

  2. @ Antonio M. Carranza Jr. Added it to my list of What You Will See In My Philippines. Thank you.

    If you have other things in mind please do tell me about it.

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