Manny Pacman Pacquiao The Pride of the Filipino


Cheers to the Pacman!! 

Manny is definitely the greatest source of pride among Filipinos nowadays.  Yesterday as I was watching him deck out Ricky Hatton, It felt so great to be cheering for his side.  The crowd of 7 at our house was very ecstatic and energized.  I cant imagine the feeling to watch him together with thousands of people in public gyms, city halls and various venues!  The air could have been very different!  The buzz, the shouts, the cheers and of course the smell!  hahaha!  But we are Filipinos right?  What the hell!  We love being in crowds!  As one girl summarized it yesterday when she was interviewed on TV “WOW ANG SARAP MAGING FILIPINO!”  You are so right girl!  Ang sarap maging Filipino!  

However, our amazement with the success on the Pacman should not end up just being our pride.  Let Manny be our inspiration.  Despite his many shortcomings he has emerged to become the greatest!  All of us are not created equal.  Manny is not a perfect person.  We all know about it and sometimes we laugh about it.  However, he focused on a direction to become a boxer.  His success did not happen overnight.  He worked hard for it.  He started out as a nobody.  He trained hard and fought hard!  However, he suffered losses but he did not quit!  He got back on his feet again and regained his composure.  Manny also learns from his mistakes and making sure he does not commit the same thing again.  Manny also listens and does not pretend to know it all.  He has his Roach for a coach and he listens.  The more he climbs the ladder to the top the more he listens and solicits more advises.  He listened to Michael Moorer his assistant coach in his fight for Hatton.  But the best that Manny has that we should have is his unshakeable faith in God.  Manny prays before he goes to battle and most importantly connects with God even after all the buzz and commotion when he wins.  This is a very astounding trait as normally, you will be very self absorbed with your success when you win or achieve something great.  On the contrary, Manny shuts out the world, kneels down and give thanks to God!  AMAZING!  


1.) Hard Work

2.) Don’t Quit

3.) Learn

4.) Listen

5.) Pray

I hope and pray that Manny will continue to focus on the path of unifying and inspiring the Filipinos.



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  1. No doubt in my mind that Manny Pacquiao is at this moment the best pound per pound in boxing! Our organization used to notice him all around General Santos just before when he still had not been well known, however , exactly what concerns most people is certainly his affiliations with this politicians. Boxing wise Manny may be the best inevitably however on the subject of selecting buddys he has been substandard. Manny is too nice and insanely trusting, most of us observed Manny taking expensive stuff to all of his staff who seemed to be just using him for his finances.

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