Abu Sayyaf Kidnappings and their Effects on the Muslim Filipinos


Personally, I really hate kidnappers to the bones.

The Abu Sayyaf group have again established to the rest of the world what they really are.  They are just a bunch of bandits and savages.  They do not resemble at all to any kind of rebel or freedom fighter.  They are a bunch of trash.

Kidnapping people from the Red Cross will bring major disadvantage to the separatist MILF, MNLF and the rest of the Muslim Filipinos that are and will be victims of war.  So, if the MILF or MNLF are in their right frame of mind and if their cause is to really help the Muslim Filipinos, they should help in rescuing the Red Cross people Swiss national Andreas Notter, Italian Eugenio Vagni and Filipina Marie Jean Lacaba.

Kidnapping teachers like Quizon Freires, Rafael Mayonado and Janette de los Reyes will only worsen the already bad educational situation in Filipino Muslim areas.  Teachers definitely wouldn’t want to be assigned in any place that will endanger their lives.  So, if there will be no teachers, nobody will teach our little Filipino Muslim kids.  So, uneducated Filipino Muslim kids will turn out to be useless, destructive, unproductive Filipino Muslim boys and girls.  In short…. Abu Sayyafs.

This is a very scarry situation as this could end up in an unending cycle of misery.  Nobody will teach, children will become ignorant, ignorant adults become savages, savages kidnap teachers, teachers wouldn’t want to teach…. and again the cycle starts all over.

This really is pointless.  The government and legit Muslim Freedom fighters should do everything  in their power to stop the Abu sayyaf.  

The Government and legit Muslim Freedom Fighters must seek a unified solution to the problems in Mindanao.  A separate state is not a solution.  The solution is ONE PHILIPPINES.  ONE STRONG NATION.  LOVING ONE ANOTHER.

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3 Responses

  1. bakit ba kasi sila ganyan?..

  2. Ganyan sila for different reasons. Some of them fight for independence which i find noble. Some of them are fighting for a religious cause. Which is fine as well in a way. Some of them have been dragged to being what they are for lack of education. Lack of knowledge of the rest of the world. Lack of love, lack of identity. This is actually not an easy problem. It needs a collective sort of solution. But that is the righteous and mild answer to your question. Some of them are just plain bandits. It is very difficult even for them within their organization to have one voice because as the news on TV shows different faces of the Abu sayyaf. The other says that the kidnapped victims are not for ransom and the other leader says otherwise. Its funny really and not funny at the same time. But bottom line for me is that kidnapping is the worst way to tell the world you want peace. Thus, I believe this group is just plain kidnappers.

  3. hmm.. informative 🙂

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