What is wrong with you Raul Gonzalez?


Raul Gonzalez has all things messed up. I fully understand how a head of a department would feel if his organization is under stress. He would try to defend his group. But he has to do it discretely. Right now he is acting like a stupid child. Raul, I would like to call him by first name as I have lost total respect to the dude is crazy. He is definitely destroying the lousy governments war against drugs. In the first place the war against drugs is weak and here comes Raul the dude who is really trying to pull out all the teeth of an old ailing dog.

I really am an ignorant person with regards to the law but It seems so clear for me or any other lay person that he is defending too much his people. Hmm…. there must be something going on…. This is so classic Mafia history.
Drug busters vs. Druggies. Druggies are released because they have friends in the justice department… Druggies get bolder, drug busters live a miserable life. Very classic story!

Anyway, if Raul is as smart as he claims he is. He should not let his mouth get the best of him.

Raul, di ka ba natatakot? unti-unti ka nang natutuyo o! Nako, malapit na, loko ka pa rin! hihihi! Good luck!


One Response

  1. haha. the man is doing his job perfectly!

    sa totoo, ang trabaho ni raul is to steal the limelight of controversy from the arroyos.

    kasi kapag laging kay gma lang nakatutok, mas maraming magagalit. eh dahil sumasapaw si raul, nahahati ang atensiyon ng tao.


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