First day of work for some for 2009 but not for me.  First day of work for somebody who worked for the government and first hour in the morning he called me up and asked.  ” Meron pa ba tayo dyan?”   

I asked myself, why are we like this?  Why are we such a bunch of beggars?  I tried to look at it in a balanced point of view and saw that it could be good in the survivalist sense.  We ask and thus we receive thus we survive.  This could be the reason why we survive in the harshest conditions life might throw us.

BUT, life is not supposed to be like this.  We should live life as a higher form.  Not living a life of some poor parasitic louse!

I have always ranted about love of country.  I have come to senses that another thing that we definitely need to restore or drum into the minds of our children is PRIDE. 

Teach it in schools!

We need this to strengthen our sense of worth.  We are a wonderful people but we put down ourselves and always think that other people are better than us.  We have to believe in ourselves first then we can believe in our fellow Filipino.  We can make it.  I know.

If there are just 3 things that any public school may teach, it should be math, sense of pride and love of country.


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