Peace Process MOA -AD

This has got to stop! This is totally trash and a form of betrayal to all who have shed blood throughout history.  Betrayal to those who fought for unity!  Betrayal to our land The Philippines!  

The Memorandum Of Agreement on Ancestral Domain in the Peace Process if approved will allow the MILF dominion over a significant part of Mindanao.  First, were the inhabitants or even the leaders of the barangays even consulted if they would like to be under the MILF rule?  How can just a handful of people direct the future of all of the inhabitants of 700 barangays!  

Handing over part of Mindanao is like giving candy to a rude and destructive child just to shut him up.  This is not how a parent or a government must do.  He must control the child in the proper manner if it would have to take time.  Giving him the candy or Mindanao is the dumb and the shortsighted person or government way of dealing with the problem.  Are we willing to give our land to these gun touting, bus burning, kidnapping, house burning, beheading lot?!  I think not.  Definitely, they will not be content of what they will receive.

This is our Philippines!!!  This belongs to all of us!!  We must fight for this!

Dear President, THINK!  or are you thinking already?  I can smell you are cooking something up again.  Is this another way of staying in power?  Oh… im sorry… I didn’t mean to say that.  Is this another of those divide and conquer strategies?  🙂  Is this another slight of hand magic trick to keep our eyes away from another upcoming magic trick?  And of course if this gets big enough, you have all the skills and the support group to escape this sticky situation just like you have many times already.

To the politicians and the leaders that understand.  Please keep up the fight.  To Esperon and GMA… may the dog you feed bite your hand…


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