Solution to Philippine Energy Crisis

Since I was a child, I am very fascinated with different sources of power and energy. I would take apart my toys, remove the dynamo, attach a bulb to the terminals, attach a makeshift water wheel on the shaft, run the contraption under a tap water and presto! I have my mini-hydroelectric turbine! Powering up a single flashlight bulb! I could make a windmill with the same principle. Replacing the waterwheel with a propeller and I would run around the house like crazy to gain wind just to light up my power generating windmill. I have also experimented with lemon batteries… I have also gathered up blasted solar calculators and connected in series their solar panels. My own solar power generator! Anyway its all science project stuff.

As I went on with life. Pursuing what I love, I studied about thermodynamics, power plants and the like. Maybe some will pick up what I studied back in college. Anyway again, back to my point, our world not only our dear Philippines is in constant clamor about rising energy cost. Diesel and gasoline increase in price weekly. Cost of manufacturing basic goods increase due to increase cost of power input. Cost of transporting people and basic goods again increase.

But I propose a solution. I will lay down my series of ideas or process for you to scrutinize it or to perfect my thoughts.

1.) Revisit the Clean Air Act. You see, can the Philippines really afford its own Clean Air Act at the moment or at the near foreseeable future? Do we have this law just for international approval and continue not implementing it properly since we really cannot afford it? Think about Jeepneys…. these are surplus engines. If you really implement clean air act. these jeepneys really don’t stand a chance. Thus, the Jeepneys have their way of controlling emission during test. Instead, we look into this make it a bit more realistic for our country. Loosen it up a bit.
2.) Once the above is in place, we put up a Real Recycling Facility for our Garbage. Not a landfill where we let the scavengers swarm all over the place. A Real Recycling Facility where recyclables are sorted from useless junk using conveyors and employing these scavengers as sorters. From how the prices of plastics, tin, aluminum and other recyclables are going, probably this facility will be self sufficient.
3.) Put up an Incinerator Power Plant! Utilizing the useless garbage as fuel for power generation, we can solve part of the energy problem and at the same time relieving the tons of garbage that are plaguing our metro cities.

Emissions will not be a problem as there are means of controlling controlling the harmful emissions using a variety of techniques. Cyclone cleaners, Dust collectors, water scrubbers…. Etc…

Greenhouse gas emission? Well, first, the power plants that we get our power at the moment use coal, diesel or bunker oil for fuel. These do produce greenhouse gas as well. What is then the difference? In fact, it would be worst as petroleum based fuels are carbon deposits that are stored below our atmosphere. Using these fuels will just release them in our atmosphere. Using garbage, well, a percentage of it will be plastics which is also a product of petroleum refinery but most of it will be organic waste whose sources are from the surface of the earth. Thus, the carbon emission will be significantly lower. Our overall carbon footprint will be smaller.

Don’t let the landfill fool you. Dumping garbage on a landfill will only delay decomposition. Decomposition by organic agents such as bacteria’s also emit carbon. Aren’t bacteria’s living organisms as well that breath? The net effect for carbon emission will be the same as burning the garbage. The only difference is that decomposition is faster using an incinerator.

Well now, we have solved 3 problems in one go.
1.) Employment for our beloved Filipinos for the recycling facility and the incineration power plant.
2.) Solved the Mountain of garbage in our hundreds of Payatas around our beautiful country The Philippines.
3.) Generated additional power to fuel our economy.


7 Responses

  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Josh and adding me to your reader. I am very interested in alternative energy sources. I have dropped by your site and you have very good content! I will go over it all and maybe we can discuss things.

  3. Hey there. I’m sorry to burst you bubble, but incineration has been band all most world wide. It’s because much of the trash is plastic and rubber, and burning these frees many poisonous chemicals in the air.

    The Philippines is well on its way to reducing oil consumption in terms of % of the total energy mix. We are using more Natural Gas almost 8% in 2008 from almost 0% in 2000, as more Natural Gas fields are discovered, hopefully we can increase that.

    We use geothermal energy to about 27% of our electricity. This is a really good clean form of energy, and as soon as we can figure out how to create acid resistant pipes for cheap, we will really capitalize on this resource.

    Wind energy and Solar power is great. Sunpower of California creates 3% of the world’s Solar panels in the Philippines. Wind is still new to us but a few projects for remote villages have been created or in the works.

    Hydroelectric and mini-hydroelectric energy constitute about 20%. So we are well on our way to oil independence.

  4. Hi Jerald! Thanks for dropping by. I’m glad to know that our Philippines is on its way to being independent from fossil fuels. Still, I believe that utilizing garbage as fuel is another solution. Burn rubber or burn plastic as I said. True that they do emit poisonous gasses and other pollutants. But I also said that there are means of controlling the emissions. Dust collectors, water scrubbers and activated carbon columns…. etc… I believe it is much better to utilize solid pollutants into energy than have them decompose overtime without utilizing it in any way.

  5. Nice writing – Will definitely visit again,,

  6. Hello there! I think your post is great. I’m not sure if I entirely agree with all your points but I’m with you in thinking up various ways to minimize garbage and provide employment on the side. You’re ok in my book.

  7. sorry to burst your bubble,,But Jerald is right…The end does not Justify the means

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