Hidden Value of Sports

Still thinking about the recent victory of Manny Pacquiao against Mr. Diaz and the upcoming Olympics, I came to think about the value of sports.  I never was a sporty type when I was younger.  I did not care about it and nobody encouraged me to engage in any.  Now a bit older, I do enjoy cycling and a round of golf (by myself).  As you can see, both are of solitary nature.  Though this maybe physically and mentally good for me at the moment, things would have been different if I would have been into sports years before.  Years when I was in my formative stage.

Sports obviously is good for the body and entertaining.  However, a lot of people do not see what other social impact sports can bring to our nation.  

1.) When the general population engages in sports, we have healthier bodies.  Healthier bodies brings about greater productivity!  Greater productivity = better income / person!

2.) Healthier bodies decreases problems = happier and contented population!  

3.) Entertained population = again, happier and contented population!

4.) Sports will give an avenue for the young to channel excess energy on more productive pastime.  

5.) Team sports will train young minds to work together.  Think for the nation as one.  This will help them understand that as a country we need to work together as a team.  We will not succeed if we work independently.  This is the main reason why Philippine revolutions were not successful.  They were all clustered, lacked coordination, too many leaders, and worked very independently.  

5.) Sports will give the young the chance to be losers.  Knowing how it feels to lose, how to be a graceful loser and learning how not to lose again.  So, losing is not altogether bad.  In life, we will definitely not win all our battles. 

6.) Sports will make us champions.  When we do sports, we will understand what it takes to be a champ and how to act like a champ.  Nobody becomes a champ overnight.  It takes hard-work, dedication, careful planning and confidence.  When we are champs, we will not lord it over losers.  A champ is humble.  Uplifting those we were able to overtake.

You see, schools and our government should promote sports more and give proper credit to our athletes.  A sour loser politician will not be as sour as he is now if he did sports.  People that promote division otherwise would promote solidarity and unification if they played basketball.

Think about it. 


3 Responses

  1. I had never considered the overall benefits to the general population of everyone participating in sports. It is often seen as a good way to live a healthy life, but it also builds good character traits in people. Think of a nation full of people who have worked together on team sports and experienced the joy of winning and the feeling of defeat.

  2. Thank you for dropping by. Yes, that is true. A nation full of people with solid character. Knowing what its like to fall and then work hard to rise again. That is what sports is about. That is what we should do. Let us play!!! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!!

  3. It’s amazing

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