Manny Pacquiao wins again!

Yesterday, I was watching Manny Pacquiao’s game on GMA.  No cable so no pay per view.  But really, no money to pay for restaurants that will show the game.  Friends sent me a text message that he already won.  Well, what the heck, I’m watching the game!  

Manny has transformed himself into a very good fighter.  Its almost boring.  hehe!  What I really like about Manny is his persistence and dedication.  Records show that he has lost some fights but it did not stop him from becoming a champion that he is now. 

I hope that all of us Filipinos learn from this glaring example that past is past.  Let us learn from our mistakes and make the best of what we have now so that someday we will all be champions as what our Pambansang Kamao is!





2 Responses

  1. Mabuhay kabayan! 🙂 Manny pa rin kahit kailan!

  2. @ Tyrone: MABUHAY!!!!

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