It was the first time for me to see the MTV of Bagong Simula the official song of the ABS CBN Bayan ni Juan.  I am not really a TV person the more an ABS CBN fan.  Despite that, seeing our flag flutter in the video, hearing the thick melody and the lyrics of the song has touched me and rubbed the dust off from my patriotic heart and made it beat strong again.  It almost brought tears to my eyes and still it makes me want to cry now as i write.  But this time I will not cry.  I will cry out loud!!!    


I know that there is still hope for all of us.  I know that there is hope for our ailing nation.  I know, I knew the key to this a long time ago but It got covered and muddied with all that has been happening to us.

IN MY PHILIPPINES, CHILDREN WILL BE TAUGH IN SCHOOLS TO REALLY LOVE THEIR COUNTRY.  CHILDREN WILL BE TAUGHT WITH REAL PASSION HOW AND WHAT OUR HEROES DIED FOR.  When children will know their history then they will not repeat the same old mistakes.  If we love our country, we will love one another and we will be able to move and act as one nation.  



Bagong Simula Lyrics

[Kevin Roy]
Parang isang gabing walang katapusan
Sa bawat mesa, asin lagi ang ulam
umaalog sa alkansya pisong pinagpawisan
Batang nakahubad kumot ang lansangan

[Yael Yuzon]
lupaing kinalbo minsa’y nadidilig
Ng dugo sa away ng kapatid sa kapatid

[Mark Abaya]
Sa kalagayang ito tayo ay nakagapos
Parang awa sana ay dito magtapos

Todo na to!

Liparin ang langit na bughaw
Pagningningin mga tala at araw
Mamumulang muli ang silangan
sa bagong simula ng ating bayan

[Kitchie NAdal]
wag lang maulit kapalarang kay pait
wag magpabaya wag kang manahimik
wag kang manlalamang, wag kang manggigipit
wag magkanya-kanya, magkaisang bisig

[Yeng Constantino]
Pag malasakit ito’y kabayanihan
gawin mo ano mang makayanan
kalagayan ng baya’y sumasama lamang
kung walang gagawin tayong mamamayan

Todo na to!

Liparin ang langit na bughaw
Pagningningin mga tala at araw
Mamumulang muli ang silangan
sa bagong simula ng ating bayan

Liparin ang langit na bughaw
Pagningningin mga tala at araw
Mamumulang muli ang silangan
sa bagong simula ng ating bayan


Ipakita natin sa ating mga magulang
mga kapatid kaya natin to
isang subok pa, sabay sabay na
walang kokontra, todo na to

Todo na to!
Liparin ang langit na bughaw
Pagningningin mga tala at araw
Mamumulang muli ang silangan
sa bagong simula ng ating bayan
Bagong simula ng ating bayan!!!!


22 Responses

  1. You know what I also feel the same. Some of my friends say that it’s OA but every time they say that I feel pity for them. How can you not love your country? That’s like not having any purpose in life. Or they might argue that they have a purpose but how can you deny your country? It’s like denying yourself I guess and not having an identity. How’s that? Before, I was so ashamed of my name because my classmates used to laugh at me because it was so rustic, but now I am very proud of it coz
    distinct. And yes, It is very hard to say I am proud to be Filipino and easier to say I am glad to be Filipino because we have to admit that we have fewer accomplishments than other countries. But however short of greatness, we have more than enough to be proud of. I am very happy to see the emergence of a new breed of young PINOY’s who are proud of their songs, their local fashion, their local films and tv and their native language……..and I am very glad to see people like you devoting your time for that end. I believe the Philippines can do it. We can do it.

  2. Hi Antonio! Thank you for reading my blog. Yes, you are very right. Putting down your own country is putting down yourself. There is no way you can erase your heritage, erase your color or what you are. The only way is to move on and change for the better. Embracing who we are now is one of the key to becoming what we want to be.

    By the way, love your blog… seems like we are on the same page. Go Pinoy!!!

  3. I just came from work when I saw this commercial from TFC and I asked my Mom who and what is it all about?? I watched it again and again .. I felt like being melted and blown away with the lyrics that this young blood of new breed of singers trying to tell and shouting to the entire world on how and what ‘s the real value of a true Filipino..My nerves start shaking and its like a big awakening for me that Hey I am a Filipino ! heartbeat was pounding with its patriotic messages then i cried. and i smiled ..I am a Filipino by Flesh and Blood its the same roots that runs through my veins ..same color ..same spirit country …The 4th of July came ..I went outside and hoisted 2 Flags 1 is the US flag and the other is the Philippine Flag.. many people asked why ? I just simply replied ..I am a Filipino and Nothing can take that away from me.. The Tri- color … The 3 stars and the Sun . That’s Me!.. That’s my Philippines… Mabuhay!

  4. Hello Oz! Thanks for dropping by. I am glad that you love who you are. Of course we know how stained our reputation is. But this should not stop us from believing in ourselves and accepting who we are and what our true capabilities are. We are Filipinos and we will always be. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!! Mabuhay ka OZ!!!

  5. this song is the best i’ve heard by far. i saw the video waking up early in the morning and the song made me proud that i am pinoy. i downloaded the song and i play it almost every minute… my wake up alarm, my ring tone, my work out music. ayan medyo nagiging emotional na ako hehehe…J

  6. thanks for sharing the lyrics. i saw the music video today for the first time and it’s a timely/timeless reminder for us all. bayan ni juan, if executed well with the best of intentions always at the top of its leaders’ consciousness, it can be a major vehicle for people to start putting hope into action =] thanks again, kindred spirit =] i hope you won’t mind that i’ll place the lyrics in my blog sometime soon-

  7. grabe ang galing ng pagkakagawa ng music video at ang tindi ng lyrics…
    Di ko mapigilang di maging emotional habang pinapakinggan at pinapanood ko ito…


    Hindi tayo dapat mawalan ng pag asa na magiging maayos ang ating BANSA..

    Ipakita natin sa ating mga magulang
    mga kapatid kaya natin to
    isang subok pa, sabay sabay na
    walang kokontra, todo na to

  8. This song is absolutely great! Thanks for sharing! I’m proud to be a Filipino. Period.

  9. siguro panahon na para sa ating mga PILIPINO, bata’t matanda na magising na sa katotohanan na tayo’y iisa. itigil na ang walang humpay na pagigirian, maging sa kulay man, pananalita at paniniwala.magtulungan tayo sa pag angat ng ating lahi saan sa mundo.

    alalahanin nating walang ibang magtutulungan kundi tayo.. tayong MGA NASA BAYAN NI JUAN.

    ang kantang ito ay nagpapaalala sa atin na ang pagiging isang PILIPINO ay hindi dapat isawalang bahala sa halip ay ipagmalaki at ipagmataas saan man sa mundo.


    _marisol apil, catanduanes state colleges,

  10. I now live in the US and consider myself successful, still want to go back and give back to my country. I want to help my country not just by sending money but educating about the good system s i acquired here in the US. I believe in a short period of time due to information technology our country will become one of the greatest again in ASIA. Lets help our people and our country. if every filipino in abroad will just donate at least 20 dollar per month to our country. we can create a small industry for the people who doesnt have job in our country, our problem is we have a lot of graduate students but there is no employment opportunities in our country..we therefore start of creating one, instead of sending fish all the time, lets give them tools and teach our people how to fish..lets create an industry into our country…lets pool some money and lets create an industry for our people…our people are still one of the greatest in the world…magalang, masipag, maka-dios, hospitable..wala lang silang chance ngayon…but someday…I PROMISE I WILL HELP…I LOVE YOU AND GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES…ROMY DAYRIT..KALIMUTAN NA ANG BANGAYAN…LETS START..WE CAN DO IT, WE CAN DO IT……

  11. Hi Romy! Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. I sincerely believe you are right about giving the people the right tools to fish. IT IS THE ONLY SUSTAINABLE MEANS of helping our fellow Filipino. Someday, we will shine again. We are all gold muddied up in so much filth. Lets keep on dreaming, hoping and doing…. GO FILIPINO!!

  12. Thank you for acknowleging my comments.

    I want to emphasized about the $20 donation per month towards industrialization of our country for a period of 5 years (its a sacrifice but it will be very productive for our country). we have 11 million OFW around the world (4 million in the US alone) meaning 220 million a month ” malaking industria na itong mapapagawa natin para mabigyan nang trabajo ang ating kababayan bawat buan. the income will go towrds creating more industries until sufficient enough to eliminate unemployment and hunger into our country. We will create an independent office and appoint intelligent, creative, sincere and visionary individual to head and implement the project (no politician) they we will hire experts not to mention our kababayan who are very willing to volunteer their services and expertise for our country naghihintay lang sila nang tamang panahon and a leader to start the the project.
    Anyway, kung sino man ang makabasa nito specially kung OFW please share your ideas we need to move on and fast….lets start realizing our dreams for our country.
    Again tama na ang bangayan, magtiwala tayo sa kapwa natin “remember, corrupt individual will never find happiness”.

  13. It is not GMA alone, it is not the senate nor the congress…it is not the governement whom we should always blame. it is WE who made all these disastrous things. it is WE you chose our leaders. it is WE who remain numb in the scene of poverty and unemployment. it is WE who can make the DIFFERENCE.
    When i was still studying, i always dreamt of going abroad and look for greener pastures…earning dollars…living in a more secure environment…trusting the more powerful and stable government.
    i want to leave PHILIPPINES… there’s nothing i can expect from this “poor country” where everyone is corrupt.
    if all educated and skilled Filipinos will have this mentality… who will be left? wil there be still HOPE, PROGRESS? AM i really giving up this LAND. the LAND of my ANCESTORS.
    well, I wll not, i won’t!!!
    I know that i can serve here. i can HELP my fellowmen. i can live a much decent life.
    Everything seems very negative here in the Philippines…government, economy, education. But did WE do something?
    Did WE dare to move?
    if WE want…WE can.
    IT is WE who can make a change!

  14. CHANGE wlll happen only if we can capture the imagination of our people. Hopefully someday I hope “Iniibig ko ang Pilipinas” will capture our people’s imagination.

  15. Ganda ng Song!Great Proud to be a Pilipino….

  16. It’s very sad when I look at the real situation. The Philippines is in no simple crisis. It is serious and malignant, terminal if I will despair. Philippines is in the state of cultural crisis. People no longer love their country. They ignore the major problems of society, even in their own communities, as long as they have something to eat and they get their luxuries. That’s the Filipino today. Our heroes will be ashamed to see what we have become.
    This sort of problem will never be solved by the schools or by the constitution. The schools are flawed. Even teachers are corrupt, making a living out of the poor students instead of really educating them as a vocation. Worse, a lot of teachers are no longer serving as good examples to their students. And if you look at school administrators, it gets worse. Look at the whole DepEd deeper, and you will find out how corrupt it is. No, we cannot put our hope in education anymore.
    The constitution? It’s flawed. It serves human rights, yes, but to the extent that it can be subverted and twisted to the whims of the influential folk. How long before justice is served? How long before a demand for basic community services is served? Election will not solve these nightmares. Change the officials and the system is still there. And how do we change the official? Worse, how do we change the system? Election? The people who vote had lost their honor to put an honorable leader up in the stand. Votes are for sale, ballots are easily replaced, numbers are easily changed, and the comelec is also corrupt.
    Our Philippines needs to make a radical change. We need to change everything–government officials, government systems, our constitution, our police system and its personnel, our army, our economic orientation, and our sense of value. For God’s sake, do we still love our country?
    And who can serve this change? Only those who love our country strong enough to be ready to lay down our lives for it. Those who will be brave enough to fight the corruption and the disease of our culture. Those who are honorable enough to refure bribes, to refuse the influence of personal gains. Those who will be willing to leave behind everything to save the country.
    I am no leftist or rightist. I am simply a man who loves his country enough to shed tears everyday, because I see what evil is eating everything our Philippines stands for, and it tears me apart to see my countrymen ignoring her disease.
    I call for a war. But I will need allies to fight it.

  17. I am with you Yoanstranger. I cry together with you. I am your ally.

  18. Tayo ang Bagong Simula ng ating Bayan! Todo na to! Kaya natin to! Whatever u guys are doing to uplift our country, let’s continue doing it…….Let’s not leave this country, let’s stay and make this country better for all of us. Dr Jose Rizal had a different fight during their days, today we fight a different fight! A fight for freedom from poverty, lack, and corrupt attitude of some filipinos! Kaya natin to….

  19. Sulong Kapatid! Laban natin to!!!!!

  20. sulong!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. lyrics of the song really tells about the real situation of our country..thanks for sharing.. We are all hoping for CHANGE and I think the change is in our hand…our vote is a big contribution.. I hope this upcoming election voters will vote wisely.

  22. Ang pagbabago ay hindi magkakatotoo sa isang demokrasyang paraan. Saan ba kayo nakakita ng bansang ngasimula ang pag-unlad sa demokrasyang estado? Kahit ang Amerika ay dumaan muna sa digmaang sibil bago nagsimulang umunlad. Ang mga bansa sa Europa ay nagsimula sa pagiging monarkiya. Ang mga bansa sa Asya ay monarkiya din, or di kaya ay komunismo. Papano tayo magkakaroon ng mahusay na mga pinuno kung ang mga Pilipino ay nabibili ang boto o di kaya’s ibinoboto ang mga kamag-anak nila? Papano titino ang pamumuno ng isang pangulo kung ang leeg niya ay nakagapos sa ganid na mga kapitalista at mga dayuhan? Papano magkakaisa ang mga Pilipino na hanggang ngayon ay nahahati pa rin sa iba-ibang lahi, iba-ibang salita, iba-ibang pananaw, iba-ibang relihiyon, iba-ibang pinag-aralan, at higit sa lahat, iba-iba ang nais mangyaro sa bansa?
    Rebolusyon, iyan lang ang paraan.

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