School is now open

June normally is the opening of the year for most schools.  I see a lot of children, teenagers and young adults waiting for jeepneys along my way to work.  Young people aspiring for a good future.  For those like me, signs of loving parents wanting good future for children who really don’t want to go to school.  I thank my parents for doing their best to keep me in school.  

Seeing them makes me think what will be their future in our country.  I know how hard the present is.  I just wonder what the future will look like.  To those that I saw standing by the road and will endure to stand by the same spot every day till the end of his college day, it will definitely be slightly bright to bright to really bright.  I know school is not a panacea for success but it definitely is the normal groundwork for it.  To me success is not only in monetary terms.  I can say the person is successful when of course he has the monetary capability to enjoy a few luxury, he is well received by his family, he is well received by his country and most of all upright in the eyes of God.

There is a lot of problems that can be attributed to lack of thrust for education.  Education is the flaming sword that can slay the dragon named poverty.  If a person is well educated then overall productivity for this person is surely increased.  Imagine all Filipinos are upgraded in education productivity of all Filipinos will be raised making life for all of us easier as income will be increased.  Education will improve peace in our nation.  Understanding of the different cultures within our country will promote tolerance and love for the different cultures we have.

I may not be able to mention all the things good that education will bring but please feel free to add in what may be your views.



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